Welcome to LiDx™: The Heart of the DaaC™ Marketplace

by Lattice Industries Inc.

Transforming Data into Tradable Assets

LiDx™, powered by U.S. Patent #20220156834, is at the core of the Data-as-a-Commodity (DaaC™) Marketplace—a revolutionary system designed to commodify and commoditize data, creating a sustainable, efficient marketplace for digital assets. Our unique approach emphasizes governance, connecting supply chains, and communities to foster nationwide digitization.

First to Market: A Revolutionary Approach

LiDx™ pioneers the transformation of data into a commodity that can be actively sold and traded within its marketplace. By merging proven business models—revenue generation from a four-party transaction system, governance through a self-regulated institutional marketplace, and financing via public-private partnerships—LiDx™ creates trusted data-sharing ecosystems.

Benefits of DaaC™ Marketplace Powered by LiDx™

-Standardized Governance & Arbitration: Ensures consistent, fair practices across all transactions.

-Equitable and Fair Access: Democratizes data access for all marketplace participants.

-Automated Institutional Transactions: Streamlines the data exchange process for efficiency.

-Open Pricing Platform Capabilities: Provides transparency in data commodity pricing.

-Immutable / Auditable Contracts: Guarantees the integrity and traceability of contracts.

-Reduced System Risk and Minimal Fraud: Enhances the security and trustworthiness of the marketplace.

-Member-Discounted Data Services: Offers cost savings to marketplace participants.

Transforming the Data Landscape

Commodity Harvesting

Now: Traditional physical collection and extrapolation.

With a Regional DaaC: Centralized facilities streamline data refining, ensuring high-quality, actionable insights.

Commodity Packaging

Now: A lack of standardization impedes global consumption.

With a Regional DaaC: Governance and standardization are integrated into the digital infrastructure, making data universally tradable.

Asset Creation

Now: Constrained by physical assessment and one-to-one contracts.

With a Regional DaaC: Data becomes a marketplace-traded asset through Immutable Commoditized Data Contracts (iCDCs).

Institutional Transactions

Now: Limited by disparate exchanges and low-grade voluntary carbon markets.

With a Regional DaaC: LiDx™ facilitates centralized contracts and processing, enabling authenticated data packaging for high-value transactions.

Catalyzing Green Initiatives Through Data

LiDx™ not only transforms data transactions but also empowers eco-friendly initiatives by enabling green energy creation, energy avoidance, and refrigerant reduction transactions. This system leverages IoT sensors and edge processing for real-time data collection and aggregation, minting digital assets that represent tangible environmental contributions.

Join the LiDx™ Revolution

Experience the future of data commerce with LiDx™—where data is not just information, but a valuable asset that drives innovation, fosters sustainable growth, and connects communities. The DaaC™ Marketplace powered by LiDx™ is redefining the digital landscape, one transaction at a time.

Discover how you can be part of this transformative journey and leverage your data assets like never before. Welcome to the digital marketplace of tomorrow, today.

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