Welcome to the Future of Data Commerce: The Data-as-a-Commodity Marketplace

by Lattice Industries Inc.

Transforming Data into a Tradable Commodity

In an age where data drives innovation and growth, the Lattice Regional Data-as-a-Commodity (DaaC™) Marketplace emerges as a pioneering force, transforming data into a commodity to unlock the potential of a digital marketplace. Just as commodity trading has fueled economic growth and dominance throughout history, DaaC™ is set to revolutionize the digital era.

Data: The New Frontier in Commodity Exchange

Data is now the most valuable resource, powering advancements in AI, autonomous driving, telehealth, and connected supply chains. The Lattice Regional DaaC™ Marketplace, powered by patented technology and processes, is the evolution of commodity-like exchange systems. It’s a network designed for efficiency, partnering to centralize data services, mutualize costs among members, and minimize public burdens.

Building the DaaC™ Ecosystems

Lattice creates regional DaaC™ Marketplaces for institutional members and connected communities. Our flagship project, the Data Institute’s Research Facility in Wilmington, serves as a first-of-its-kind DaaC™ Regional Resilience Hub. This hub includes:

-Wireless High-Speed Internet Service Provider (WISP)

-Wireless Edge Processor & Service Provider (WESP)

-Advanced Data Science & Information Services

-Self-Regulating Membership Organization

-Institutional Data Exchange and Clearinghouse Services

Addressing the Market Gap

Currently, there is no trusted marketplace for institutional data traders. The lack of standardized endpoints across siloed datasets makes it challenging for institutions to trade data products efficiently. This gap necessitates a marketplace where data’s value is automatically verified, authenticated, and traded under a unified set of rules.

Our Customers: The Backbone of DaaC™

Our marketplace caters to data stakeholders—aggregators, suppliers, and consumers—who require a common set of agnostic rules and capitalized risk management to scale effectively. By bridging these needs, DaaC™ fosters a vibrant ecosystem where data can be freely and securely exchanged.

Financials and Cost Savings

Siloed services have traditionally placed a heavy burden on stakeholders, leading to lost digital equity and escalated costs. The DaaC™ marketplace network counters this by offering cost savings and revenue opportunities through shared data processing and support services in a hub-to-hub (H2H) open-access network.

Our Solution: Digital Equity for All

DaaC™ closes the gap by providing resilient processing hubs and data marketplaces where stakeholders can mutualize costs and capitalize on digital assets. This approach connects communities, driving economic development and bringing connectivity to underserved areas.

Metadata & Security: A Trusted Environment

As a self-regulated organization, DaaC™ establishes operating rules and risk policies central to all stakeholders. This trusted environment ensures metadata integrity, asset-backed clearing, and risk operations, reducing the burden for all system participants.

Join the DaaC™ Revolution

DaaC™ by Lattice is more than a marketplace; it’s a movement towards equitable, secure, and efficient data commerce. By transforming data into a commodity, we unlock the potential for innovation, economic growth, and community development. Welcome to the future of data commerce—where every stakeholder has the opportunity to thrive.

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